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March 23, 2023- Grand Terrace

The Home is pleased to announce that Public Health has declared the COVID-19 Outbreak on Grand Terrace over.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Updated COVID -19 Guidelines   

·      Active screening for both caregivers and general visitors will continue.
·      Please use screening QR App provided or be actively screened by reception.
·      Please be sure to continue to sign in /out. 

·      Caregivers and General Visitors will test daily and wait in the clinic for results before going to the Home Area.
·      Children 2 years and under are not required to rapid antigen test. 

·      Caregivers and General Visitors are no longer required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination status. If a resident or Home Area is in an outbreak/isolation, only one caregiver can visit at a time. General Visitors will not be permitted at this time.
·      End of Life Visits do not require to show proof of vaccination status or test upon arrival. Appropriate PPE must be worn at all times. 

·       Masks are required for all Caregivers and General Visitors. However, masks can be removed when you are alone in residents’ room or in a designated space, also ‘one on one’ with resident (exp. solarium, resident chapel, noble lounge). The Home continues to recommend 2 visitors in a resident room at a time standing 2 m apart.  If a staff member or another resident enters the room masks must be re-applied.  Ages 2 years and up are required to wear mask
·      At this time shields are only required when a resident is in isolation or a home area is in outbreak.
·      Residents living in shared rooms should seek another designated space within the Home to enable interaction without masks. When not in a one -on- one setting with a resident, Visitors and Caregivers are required to be masked at all times.
Please ask Home Area staff which rooms would be suitable to use if you are unsure. 

·      Residents/ and or SDM’s that wish to change their Caregivers status due to the recent change in Home policy of not having to provide vaccination status must call Ext. 4241. A package will be provided upon request. Please remember only 4 Caregivers can be listed as total.  

·      A maximum of 4 Caregivers may be designated per resident at a time. Caregivers who were designated prior to December 15, 2021 may continue to be designated as a Caregiver even if this means the resident has more than 4 designated caregivers. Proof of vaccination status is no longer required to become Caregiver.
·      There is no longer a max limit of visitors at a time. Please look at the appropriate meeting rooms on your loved one’s Home Area and / or common area if requiring a larger space as we continue to encourage physical distancing.  Max occupancy for each meeting space as follows: 

Chapel- 15
Noble Lounge- 10
Cockshutt Place, Costain Court and Brant TerraceHarvest Room -5
Cockshutt Place, Costain Court and Brant Terrace TVRoom’s -6
Mohawk Terrace Activity Room- 10
Mohawk Terrace Lounge -6
Davis Court Lounge -8
Grand Terrace Activity Room-6 

·      Testing of residents upon returning from an absence is no longer required unless they have symptoms.
 Residents will still be required to screen at reception when returning to the home.  

Thank you for your continued support. 

Brant County Health Unit COVID-19 Outbreak Data 

Vaccine Passport/Vaccine Records

Please be advised that staff are able to provide POA/SDM’s with the heath card information required (number, version code and the number on the back of the card) in order to access a record of vaccination/vaccination passport. The home will not be providing copies of these documents due to privacy regulations as well as the province is moving to a QR code system. We have provided the link to assist you in obtaining this information:  

 Thanks for your continued support and cooperation to help keep our residents safe 

 Just a reminder that visiting hours are from 8:00 until 7:45pm. Reception closes at 8:00pm, please come down earlier so reception is available to assist you if needed when signing out. 

Virtual Visiting

Virtual Visits can be arranged by contacting the Recreation Programmer on your Home Area.

Ministry of Long Term Care

 John Noble Home COVID-19 Protocol  Policy 

Ministers Directive _COVID-19 Long-Term Care Home Surveillance Testing 

 Visitors to the Home During the Covid-19 Pandemic


Advocating for Long Term Care

LTC Chronicles Podcast presented by the Family Councils Collaborative Alliance (FCCA), March 2021, featuring Dr. Janice Legere, Medical Director of John Noble Home

Podcast is also available on Sound Cloud 

Medical Director, Dr. Janice Legere has had two published opinion pieces in the Hamilton Spectator. 

'We already have the roadmap on how to make long term care a home', Hamilton Spectator, 05/26/2020

'Virus vs. Visitors-why long term care needs a palliative approach', Hamilton Spectator, 07/27/2020

The Hall to Resident's Rooms


The Common Room


The Common Room


The John Noble Home (JNH) has a proud and long standing care-giving tradition, dating back to 1881. Today, we offer several different quality programs devoted to senior housing, care, and services that operate within our care campus. All meet and serve the needs of both Brant County and the City of Brantford and their respective constituents as we are a municipally operated and governed facility.

Long Term Care

Long term care at John Noble Home consists of 156 long term care beds which includes three priority Veteran beds. Long term care continues to be the most recognized and core function of the organization. Our long term care operations are housed within a modern, state-of-the art environment with access to several beautiful common areas both inside and out.

Day and Stay Program

Housed within John Noble Home, the Day and Stay Program is designed and built for individuals with dementia. It offers exercise, socialization, cognitive stimulation and recreation activities, snacks, and a meal. There are different programs for which clients can sign up. These are our day and afternoon programs for persons with dementia which offers door to door transportation. There is also an overnight weekend respite program for clients.

Bell Lane Terrace Apartments

Bell Lane Terrace houses 26 unit seniors' apartments is part of our beautiful care campus. This housing for seniors program opened in 2007 as a response to the need for more affordable housing for seniors in the community. Units include: 1 bachelor-sized apartment, 21 one-bedroom apartments and 4 two-bedroom apartments. Eighteen (18) units are rent-geared-to-income and subsidized by the City of Brantford.