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The Covid-19 Outbreak has been declared over. Please see the Home Page for the latest Visitor Guidelines. 2020/10/20


September 18, 2020

The Brant County Public Health has declared the Covid-19 Outbreak over.   We would like to thank our residents &  staff for all of their efforts during the outbreak as well as the support and encouragement that was received from our community.

Visiting Information

Virtual Visiting

Virtual Visits are offered using Skype or Facetime.  If interested, please contact your loved ones home area and a Recreation Programmer can schedule your visit.     

Essential Caregivers

The Ministry of Long Term care has made changes to the Essential Caregiver directive.
Each resident may assign two individuals to be considered Caregivers. Following certain criteria and restrictions, Caregivers may visit residents within the home. Please note that the caregiver designation must be decided upon by the resident and /or the POA of Care/Substitute Decision Maker.
Those who wish to be designated as a Caregiver must contact Ext 4241 to be provided with an agreement package, education and guidelines that must be followed during their visit.

Important Information for Caregivers

  • Attest to a negative COVID test within 14 days of their visit
  • There may be two caregivers at a time per resident per day
  • There can be only one caregiver if a resident is in isolation ( full PPE must be worn)
  • The Caregiver will sign in as well as pass screening in/out at reception at every visit.
  • The Caregiver cannot have visited another Long Term Care home in outbreak in the past 14 days of their visit 
  • Visiting hours are until 8:00pm daily
  • Face mask will be provided when signing in and must be worn at all times
  • The Caregiver is to stay in their loved ones room. Please note if a roommate is having a caregiver visit at the same time an alternate location may be provided to provide proper social distancing. 
  • The Caregiver is to wear a badge at all times
  • The Caregiver must notify Registered Staff when they have arrived on the home area and when they are leaving
  • Guidelines must be followed. Failure to abide will result in termination of visits. 

Indoor/Outdoor Scheduled Visits

Visits can be booked by POA of Care /Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) and or Resident  

  • Indoor Visits are scheduled in the afternoon and require a negative COVID test within the 14 day time frame of the visit. These visits are in the skylight café area. A mask is provided during screening.
  • Outdoor visits are scheduled in the mornings and do not require a COVID test. These visits are held in the Davis Courtyard. Visitors must bring their own mask.   

Indoor/Outdoor home area visiting schedule:

Monday - Cockshutt Place
Tuesday- Brant Terrace
Wednesday- Costain Court
Thursday – Davis Court
 Friday- GrandTerrace
Sunday- Mohawk Terrace

Visitor Screening Sign in Form

Please call extension 4241 to book visits.

 Visitors to the Home During the Covid-19 Pandemic Policy

Short Stay Absences

     Short Stay Absences are for health care related, social or other reasons. This type of visit does not allow an overnight stay with the exception with an overnight stay in the emergency department. Beginning October 16,2020, at the direction of the Ministry of Long Term Care, the process for resident short stay absences have changed. All residents short stay absences for non- medical purposes, must now be approved  by the home. Families are required to request any resident short stay absence by filling out a request for a short stay absence form.  The forms will be located at reception. Requests will be reviewed on a case by case risk assessment considering:

- Local disease  transmission and activity

-The risk associated with the planned activities that will be undertaken by the resident while out of the home

-The resident's ability to comply with local and provincial policies/bylaws

-Any further direction provided by the Ministry of Long Term Care (MLTC)

Note: Please allow 3 days for the request to be processed


Please note: your loved one will be screened out and in upon arrival by reception, a surgical mask and best practices information sheet will be sent with you to review when your loved one is signing out. 

Temporary Absences

Temporary Absences are for personal reasons and for one or more nights. The Home must review and approve all temporary absences based on a case by case risk assessment. The risk will be reviewed related to: the Homes ability to support self isolation for 14days; local disease transmission and activity; the risk associated with the planned activities that will take place while the resident is out the Home; the residents ability to comply with local and provincial policies/bylaws and any further direction provided by the ministry of long term care.

Please note: any resident that is on a temporary absence will be in isolation for 14 days upon return and will require a negative COVID-19 test to have the isolation lifted.  These absences require 72 hours notice (excluding Saturday and Sunday) The absence must be arranged with an appointed POA for Care for the resident.   

Advocating for Long Term Care

Medical Director, Dr. Janice Legere has had two published opinion pieces in the Hamilton Spectator. 

'We already have the roadmap on how to make long term care a home', Hamilton Spectator, 05/26/2020

'Virus vs. Visitors-why long term care needs a palliative approach', Hamilton Spectator, 07/27/2020

The Hall to Resident's Rooms


The Common Room


The Common Room


The John Noble Home (JNH) has a proud and long standing care-giving tradition, dating back to 1881. Today, we offer several different quality programs devoted to senior housing, care, and services that operate within our care campus. All meet and serve the needs of both Brant County and the City of Brantford and their respective constituents as we are a municipally operated and governed facility.

Long Term Care

Long term care at John Noble Home consists of 156 long term care beds which includes three priority Veteran beds. Long term care continues to be the most recognized and core function of the organization. Our long term care operations are housed within a modern, state-of-the art environment with access to several beautiful common areas both inside and out.

Day and Stay Program

Housed within John Noble Home, the Day and Stay Program is designed and built for individuals with dementia. It offers exercise, socialization, cognitive stimulation and recreation activities, snacks, and a meal. There are different programs for which clients can sign up. These are our day and afternoon programs for persons with dementia which offers door to door transportation. There is also an overnight weekend respite program for clients.

Bell Lane Terrace Apartments

Bell Lane Terrace houses 26 unit seniors' apartments is part of our beautiful care campus. This housing for seniors program opened in 2007 as a response to the need for more affordable housing for seniors in the community. Units include: 1 bachelor-sized apartment, 21 one-bedroom apartments and 4 two-bedroom apartments. Eighteen (18) units are rent-geared-to-income and subsidized by the City of Brantford.